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Shyster's Daughter

"The Shyster's Daughter is a fascinating, quick and wonderful read. Similar to Jeanette Walls's The Glass Castle, Paula provides her readers with a very well-written tale of her coming of age and adulthood occurring in the shadow of all her father's and family's immoral acts..." -- Literary Hoarders book blog


"Priamos's ambitious and successful effort to meld two stories happens in a book called The Shyster's Daughter, where she performs the big leap over timidity and skepticism to make her own life story a bigger one indeed...a self-described noir detective memoir, something evoking Nathaneal West or Joan Didion." - O.C. Weekly


"In The Shyster's Daughter, Priamos peers into the motivations of her family members with a rare and enticing frankness that distinguishes her work from that of other memoirists." -- ZYZZYVA literary magazine.


"In The Shyster's Daughter Priamos has plied the best attributes of his trade to reveal the mysterious and intriguing personality that was her dad." -- Women's Memoir


"Millions of people have stories to tell about a troubled upbringing, but only one in a million can tell the story as well as Paula Priamos has done. The Shyster's Daughter is a gripping memoir that describes the falling apart of her Inland Empire family and the great efforts it took to survive the fallout." - The San Bernardino Sun