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Inside V

Reviews -

"Paula Priamos has done a bang up job with her first thriller. Contemporary reviews and promotional materials will inevitably compare [Inside V] to two popular thrillers, Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. Inside V shares more genes with Scott Turow's excellent Presumed Innocent. [Priamos's] writing is crisp and colorful. Her story is fascinating, greyhound-lean, detailed and hauntingly believable."

- New York Journal of Books

"Compulsively readable."

―Toronto Star

"The narrative challenges notions of sanity and fidelity, justice and loyalty, with regularity and to fascinating ends. . . . Comparisons to recent bestsellers with psychological twists are warranted, but Priamos adds elements of devotion taken to the extreme that sets this thrilling book apart."

―Foreword Reviews

"Priamos' first-person narrative is a heat-seeking bullet, expertly capturing Ava's essence and determination, set against the heat and sleaze that simmers under LA's surface...A lean, searing, and psychologically astute thriller with a surprising twist and an unforgettable heroine."

―Kirkus Reviews